• It’s a Jungle out There!: About the Handbook

One of the best books on Self Improvement and Management ever published. Animals have been taking care of business much longer than humans and they do it with an instinct few humans possess. Yes, we can learn a lot from the animal kingdom and everyone should read this book. Having been an avid animal behavior student for many years the author has observed their lessons and been awed by them.For example young clown fish brush themselves against the tentacles of sea anemones to inoculate themselves and thus get immune to the poison. In time, they are able to dive into the tentacles and live there in safety. Clown fish have instinctively understood the effectiveness of vaccination for thousands of years before humans discovered it. This is an upbeat and fun book to read that draws analogies from animal behavior and transposes them to human society. The book will help people learn lessons that they might not learn from a didactic or abstractive book. It illustrates with stories about animal behavior how everyone can learn and improve, not only their businesses, but also their lives.Perhaps this book will show that the animal instincts we used to survive in the age of dinosaurs are just as valuable today in our 21st century high tech jungle – albeit a slightly different jungle. Corporations and individuals still face the same primeval battles of supremacy – of predator and prey – in the workplace today. This book will be indispensable to their survival and prosperity.

It’s a Jungle out There!: About the Handbook

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