• RS-LB Low Back Conductive Garment – E0731

The RS-LB is prescribed for patients using an RS Medical stimulator for back treatments. The garment utilizes sturdy, flexible and washable fabric and comes in two different sizes along with an extender to fit most body types. Special reusable conductive pads deliver the stimulator’s electrical impulse to the body. Getting patients to comply with home electrotherapy prescriptions for the back can be difficult. Patients often cannot manage with conventional supplies due to hard-to-reach treatment sites. RS Medical has solved this dilemma by developing the RS-LBTM Low Back Conductive Garment. It helps patients place the stimulator pads on difficult-to-reach back locations without assistance from others. The garment makes possible a range of back protocols for treatments using four and eight pads. Each patient is individually fit for his or her garment. Electrode pads are arranged for the patient’s prescribed treatment. Patients are instructed how to put on the garment for accurate pad placement.

RS-LB Low Back Conductive Garment – E0731

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